Darwin Occupational Services now has a mobile van so we can come to you!



Darwin Occupational Services (DOS) is a locally owned business providing medical services to employers.


DOS have been in business for over 8 years and has always aimed to provide a quality, efficient and timely service.


Our core business is Occupational Health and Vocational Rehabilitation





  • Pre-employment Medicals & Functional Capacity Assessments.

  • Instant or Laboratory  ​Drug & Alcohol Testing (either urine or saliva).

  • Hearing & Lung Tests.

  • Immunisation & Health & Wellness Checks

  • Chest Xrays, ECG's & Blood Tests

  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services



“Helen was great! she was thorough and told me I would get my results back within 48 hours - I got them back sooner than that."