Mobile Van Service
Pre-Employment Medicals
  • Instant Onsite Drug Testing (saliva or urine)

  • Alcohol Breath Testing

  • Immunisation for Influenza, Hepatitis A & B, Tetanus

  • Audiometry (Hearing Tests)

  • Spirometry (Lung Tests)

  • Health & Wellness Checks


The mobile van enables employers to meet their Work, Health & Safety responsibilities while at the same time minimizing 'down-time'.


There is also minimal disruption to the workplace - all the testing can be performed in the van therefore no need to share employers valuable office space.

  • Medical History

  • Musculoskeletal examination

  • Eye tests (including colour & visual fields)

  • Grip Strength

  • Height & Weight

  • Body Mass Index

  • Blood Pressure & Pulse

  • Urinalysis

  • Ear, chest, heart, abdomen and skin examination

Specific Services
  • Mining / Construction/Civil Medicals

  • Rail / Aviation Medicals

  • Commercial Driving Medicals

  • Health Surveillance for Occupational Hazard


Other Services
  • Audiometry (Hearing Tests)

  • Spirometry (Lung Tests)

  • Instant Urine/Saliva Drug Screen

  • Laboratory Urine Drug Screen

  • Alcohol Breath Tests

  • Cholesterol Fingerprick Test

  • Glucose Fingerprick Test

  • ECG’s (electrocardiograph)

  • Specific Lab. Blood Tests

  • Chest X Rays

  • Pre–employment Functional Capacity Assessment